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Acor Orthopaedic is a manufacturer of prefabricated foot orthotics, ankle gauntlets, solid plastic ankle and articulated ankle AFOs, CROW boots, Richie braces and much more. Acor is also a manufacturer, converter and distributor of EVA, PE and PU foam products serving a variety of markets worldwide.


Aetrex is the global leader in foot scanning technology and orthotics. The company also has a fast-growing comfort and wellness footwear line. Albert, the brand’s revolutionary 3D foot scanner, offers the most comprehensive, personalized foot scanning technology to date. The system uses computer vision, sensor, AI, and machine learning technologies to provide users with the most data about their feet (size, length, width, height, pressure, arch type and much more), in under one minute. Aetrex’s biggest advances to date include key technology integrations with the Albert Operating System such as computer vision technology allowing for 3D foot views; machine learning to improve accuracy and determine industry fit; and 3D printing to produce a truly custom orthotic.


For over 40 years Amfit has specialized in pioneering equipment technology that has allowed foot care professionals to digitally cast and fabricate prescriptive and comfort insoles across the globe. As the first company to successfully pair digital technology with creating custom insoles, our experience in the industry is second to none. During those 40 years, millions of custom medical insoles have been individually fabricated to treat users with various foot pathologies. We are grounded in and focused on foot comfort, thus we have developed the manufacturing know-how to deliver uncompromised solutions from the ground up. The know-how to meld technology, data bank insights, and manufacturing prowess means we have created the ideal solution for professionals to offer true custom products.


Apis offers high quality, comfortable orthopedic and diabetic shoes and accommodative foot orthotics for a low price. Apis, AFO’s best friends!!!


Developed in collaboration with podiatrists and leading industry experts, Arize is a new digital solution that helps podiatrists create custom foot orthoses tailored to the patient, quickly, easily, accurately, and reliably. The Arize Orthotic Solution leverages HP 3D Printing technology and aims to further HP’s mission to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere.

Barefoot Science

BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is an intelligent solution to an age-old problem of foot and body pain, that has never been solved by traditional orthotics. Until now. Pain and dysfunction is caused by muscle weakness, so it follows that strengthening is the path to wellness.


Designed for the practitioner, the Comb app allows you to capture precise 3D scans of your patients. Download your scans from the Comb portal to prepare for CAD rectification and fabrication.

CR CeliaRuiz

Premier brand specializing in Medical Wellness Therapeutic Footwear Industry leading design and technology in diabetic footwear. Our quality and innovation of technology and new materials are hallmarks in our design and manufacturing.Our core values are commitment and responsibility, as well as ensuring the maximum well-being and satisfaction of our customers.

Dr. Comfort

Today, you’ll discover a broad range of diabetic shoes for any occasion, prescription and non-prescription inserts, diabetic socks, slippers, sandals, compression hosiery and more. In fact, we offer custom solutions for patient’s specific needs with our in-house state-of-the-art lab, whether you’re looking for shoe modifications or custom inserts. Using 3D printing, we make the highest volume of custom made inserts to meet the patient’s needs.


With a 145-year history, Drew has refined and mastered the science of therapeutic comfort footwear. The entire Drew Collection is an inventive combination of function and style, working to keep the feet healthy—and looking great. In addition to the Drew footwear brand, the company offers the fashionable Barefoot Freedom® collection. Each brand offers added depth, removable insoles and one of the widest size/width combinations in the industry. Drew selects the ultimate comfort materials to pamper and protect even the most tired, aching feet.


Jambu & Co. was created to fuel exploration and empower adventurous spirits with thoughtfully-made footwear that pairs fashion and function. Our brand is built on the belief that comfort should never mean compromising on style and individuality.

Justin Blair

At Justin Blair & Co. our motto is “Doing business, made easy!” Everything we do is with that goal in mind. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service to our customers. In addition to supporting our customers through our highly trained, friendly customer service staff we also have a first class field based sales team that live and work in your local community to ensure that your needs are met in the most convenient and effective way. Because of our broad service offerings, we keep our Midwest based warehouse stocked with a wide variety of inventory, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers on short notice. We also have invested in technology and infrastructure that allows our customers to have easy access to ordering systems and account information, giving you more time to focus on other elements of your business.


Established in 2004, New Step Orthotic Lab, inc. has proven to be a leading fabricator of orthotics. Our mission is to produce orthotics that match the exact contours of your patient’s feet. Our facility in Maryville, Illinois is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Our technology allows us to meet and exceed you and your patient’s expectations. We value the fact that our products are used as a means of improving the quality of a patient’s life. By way of clear and concise communication, hard work, and highly technical skills, we endeavor to be an additional resource for you to use in performing the services offered by your healthcare facility. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have so that we may better serve your needs.


Orthofeet’s orthotic shoes are biomechanically engineered with unique comfort features to offer the very best solution for sensitive feet and other physical ailments affected by foot problems or poor posture. We combine the very latest, cutting-edge athletic footwear technology and therapeutic detailing to bring you the highest level of comfort and protection for your feet, knees and lower back.


Our purpose has always been to bring you the best available foot care products so our customers can lead a happy, healthy life free from foot, hip, knee, and lower back pain. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and carefully select the finest materials to bring you unmatched comfort and support. Whether you suffer from Achilles’ tendonitis, Bunions, Corns, Plantar Fasciitis, or just dry skin, we can help!


Superior Orthotics For Maximum Performance and Pain Relief.


For 25 years, XSENSOR has set the standard for accurate sensors and image quality in software — to capture, visualize, and analyze pressure data. XSENSOR started out by developing sensors used to measure pressure on cushions designed to keep wheelchair users safe. Since then we have listened to industry leaders and developed systems they rely on to improve the comfort, safety, quality, and performance of their products. Today, XSENSOR continues to innovate and partner with the most demanding customers in the world to explore what is possible with Intelligent Dynamic Sensing.